Society of Tourist Guides Singapore

Frequently Asked Question

  • What happens when there is a job enquiry and how you respond to the job enquiry?

    When a consumer sends a requests job and it fits your criteria (language, type of tour etc.), you will be notified via the app. You can also change the notification settings in the app. You can find available requests that you can bid for in the request page.

  • How you know you have got the job?

    When you have a successful bid on the job, the job will show up under your appointments tab. The tab will contain all jobs currently lined up for you.

  • What to do after completing the job?

    When you have finished the tour and completed the job, you can head over to the appointments page, where your tours will be listed and select complete to finalize the job. Payout will be given out twice monthly.

  • Do I get a fair chance at bidding for the job?

    We notify all merchants who fit the job request and everyone has an equal chance to bid for the job. However, it is ultimately up to the consumer to choose which guide he/she prefers.

  • What do I get by using Page A Guide?

    Services provided by PageAGuide includes marketing, concierge services, technical and payment support for completed jobs. Admin support by STGS along with data collection and analysis that will be shared with the STGS community.

  • How do I get paid and what fees do Page A Guide charge?

    We transfer funds directly to your bank account. A job completed between the 11th to 25th of the calendar month will have a payment date on the 2nd day of the next month. A job completed between 26th to the 10th of the second month will have a payment date on the 17th of the second month. We charge 15% of the gross fees which will also cover bank and e payment charges.

  • Is my payment secure and confirmed?

    Risk of delinquent or nonpayment is a common occurrence that tourist guides face. However, with our services, STGS will receive payment from the consumer first and help guard against late or nonpayment.

  • Who to contact when I face a problem using the App?

    You can contact support directly through the app via the concierge page or call our friendly concierge team at 6850 5451. Alternatively, you can email us directly at